Why is DIY Epoxy concrete coating a bad idea?

DIY solutions are all over the internet. It’s true, sometimes completing a home project yourself saves you money and time but be aware that it is possible to do more harm than good with epoxy flooring if not done properly!

Some things are just better left to the professionals. Installing epoxy flooring is a long process that involves specialized tools and materials that don’t come with your average epoxy DIY kit. 

But what makes a professional-grade concrete coating better than your run-of-the mill DIY epoxy solution?

Prepping Your concrete for epoxy

A large part of applying epoxy flooring is the preparation for the epoxy to seal and coat the existing concrete. Without the right preparation, the epoxy will peel and potentially cause damage to your concrete.

As with anything involving paint or varnish you’ll want clean up all debris on your concrete before undertaking the application process. So make sure nothing is left behind like vacuumed surfaces which will create dust during installation time if not dealt properly beforehand – don’t forget about yourself too though because fumes can cause respiratory problems when inhaled over prolonged periods.

What is included in a diy epoxy kit?

The Epoxy DIY kits typically come with a cleaning solution for your flooring, but it’s not enough to remove harsh stains and cure your concrete. Acid wash isn’t strong enough when fixing these problems!

You need another way of prepping before you apply the epoxy – otherwise the epoxy will peel off because there wasn’t an adequate bond between them in first place

DIY vs. Professionial Floor prep

Every concrete floor has been through a different environment. That means there’s not one-size fits all prep solutions for epoxy adhesive! A professional knows what factors affect how well it adheres to your surface,

They take into consideration using their decades of experience; examining every inch giving attention where necessary. They’ll examine your flooring and prep it accordingly. A professional will grind down the top layer of concrete flooring to remove stains and even out the surface. If there are harsh stains, they may need to sandblast the floor. 

With all of the prep work that needs to go into applying epoxy flooring, you may want to consider hiring a professional.

Quality of EPOXY MATERIALS in a diy kit

The water-based epoxy kits are easier to apply than professional grade, but the durability isn’t as good. They also create a brittle material that is likely to crack or peel once applied because it lacks any kind of meaningful backwards compatibility with other materials like polyurethane coatings would have for instance!


Professional epoxy is solvent-based instead water-based. As a result, it holds up better to daily wear and tear because the material can withstand more abuse before breaking or denting in comparison with DIY kits which contain alcohols that seep deeper into concrete surfaces over time due to evaporation!

How long will a diy epoxy job last? 

DIY epoxy floor kits are not a permanent solution. They can temporarily improve the appearance of concrete flooring. But, to maintain them, they need to be redone every few years. Eventually, the cost of redoing DIY epoxy flooring every year adds up to the cost of a professional concrete coating. 

How long will a diy epoxy job last? 

Unlike DIY Epoxy our Polyurea concrete coating comes with a Residential Lifetime Warranty.

It’s no surprise why epoxy floor coating is the most popular choice for garages. It offers an attractive, durable surface with a high sheen and requires little maintenance – but there are some things you should know before making your final decision!

Epoxy concrete coating vs. polyurea

When it comes to your garage, you want the best. That’s why we strongly recommend our professional installation of our patented polyurea coatings over epoxy any day of the week!

Polyurea floor coatings are a one-stop shop for your home. Along with blowing epoxy’s strength out of the water, polyurea coatings offer other benefits such as:

  • Our garage floor coatings are resistant to damage from ultraviolet light. In contrast, epoxy will yellow and fade after consistent exposure – definitely not what you’re looking for in your home!
  • The Garage Floor Company’s dustless garage floor treatments are like magic! We make sure your concrete won’t get damaged by the elements, including water.
  • Polyurea cures at an extremely fast rate, leaving less time for bubbles to form when the material hardens (a problem extremely common to epoxy coatings).
  • Our coatings provide a great-looking finish that also resists stains. In general, the material is also resistant to scrapes and extreme temperatures so you can rest easy knowing your car will always look good whether outside or in!

Don’t waste your time & Money with DIY solutions!

Garage Force of Katy is your one-stop for all of your concrete coating needs. Don’t waste time and money on DIY solutions that don’t stand the test of time or end up causing more headaches!

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