Are you bored of your garage? Is it not holding up the way it used to, or is it looking dingy and unfinished? It’s time to makeover that space and make it functional, clean, organized, and completely your own.

This isn’t like making over a living room or bedroom, though. This isn’t about decorating or making things comfortable. Garages are function over form, meaning that you want a space that’s more work than play.

Not sure how to make that happen, or even get started? We have a few garage makeover ideas that can help you improve your workspace. Keep reading to learn a few of our favorites. 

1. Improve Your Flooring

After some time, traditional garage floors look dingy and dull. You may experience cracks, stains, and an inability to make your floor look truly clean. 

Your garage flooring goes through a lot. Between being subject to UV rays from the sun, harsh LED lights, tires and oil from your car, and any mistakes that come along with your building activities, it makes sense that they’d experience some wear and tear.

Why not get a coating on your garage floors that can make them look shiny and new while also improving their durability? 

While an epoxy coating is popular, it isn’t as strong as many people think. There are options that look better, last longer, and provide better protection.

We like the quartz system for garage coatings for its durability and stylish appearance. 

2. Storage and Organization Tips

Is your garage a cluttered mess?

Let’s face it. While most of us started using our garages with the intention of making them workspaces and protection for our vehicles, over time the garage becomes the go-to space for storing extra things.

Even if you have several bulky cabinets or drawer sets, those stack up as well and make for a space that isn’t cohesive. 

 Instead, aim for a sleek set of cabinets, or one large piece of storage furniture

We love large shelving units that can hold all of your plastic storage boxes in one place, making them easy to identify, store, and remove whenever you need without the piles of boxes laying around and cluttering your space. 

3. Two for One: Multipurpose Spaces 

Do you need room for your sink, workbench, art space, car, storage, and half-finished projects all in one garage? You don’t have room, right? This is another potential cause for clutter

Why not incorporate multipurpose items and spaces to reduce the amount of space that you take up? 

We love large cabinet sets with built-in counters and sinks. You can also get cabinets with workbenches pre-installed. 

The cabinets will provide the extra storage you need while the built-in workbench takes the place of your large, bulky workbench. This reduces the amount of space that you take up in the garage and leaves room for you to rearrange the other things. 

Do You Love These Garage Makeover Ideas? 

Is it time for a garage remodel? 

You don’t need to deal with a garage space that you’re embarrassed by, or one that’s hard to work (or even move around) in. With durable and sleek flooring, improved storage, and helpful multipurpose spaces, you can revamp your garage in no time. Take our garage makeover ideas and get started.

To start your garage makeover, why not let us improve your floors? We have strong and aesthetically appealing flooring options for every garage or living space. Contact us for a quote so we can get started on improving your garage.