If you’re working or studying from home because of the pandemic, you’ve probably had days when you felt cooped up inside. 

Maybe you’d like to spend more time outside but don’t have a working patio. The good news is that with some simple planning, you can transform your outdoor space.

Are you looking to take advantage of being home? Want a fresh, new patio? Discover the things you need to know before you start redoing that patio!

1. Your New Patio Is a Room 

It’s important to remember that a patio is an extension of your indoor space. Essentially, it’s an outdoor room for your home.

With so many options on the market, choosing patio furniture can feel overwhelming. For best results, try to pick the furniture that unites the inside and outdoor areas of your home.

Most homeowners use their patio spaces for relaxing or entertaining friends and family. Other possibilities include eating weekday meals, reading, and even working outside on a laptop.

Use your lifestyle as a guide to plan your patio layout, decoration, and materials. Good planning will ensure that traffic flows and your patio is a popular hangout spot.

2. Use Determines Location

If you’re starting your patio project from scratch, finding the right location in your yard might seem a bit puzzling. Should it go somewhere out in the yard or closer to the house? What’s the best spot for privacy from the neighbors?

Once again, your activities are the best guide. For example, if you entertain often, use your patio as an overflow space from your indoor dining area. If you plan to use it for relaxing and noonday naps, surround it with plants in your garden.

3. You May Need a Permit

Be aware that you may need a permit to install your new patio. It will depend on where you live and your local building codes.

If you aren’t sure, check with your county or local municipal offices. It’s better to find out before you get started, as you could incur fines or other penalties if you aren’t properly permitted.

4. Budget for Surprises

You probably have a rough idea of how much your patio project will cost. Even so, it’s important to plan for unexpected expenses. Your new patio cost could grow from a manageable amount to a project-derailing nightmare. 

Let’s assume you decide to go with a full makeover. You plan for new patio doors, new flagstone, a sealed concrete finish, and built-in furniture.

You’re confident that your budget can handle it until you discover that the ground is uneven. Now you realize you’ll have to hire a professional contractor, which is a major unplanned expense. Oops!

It’s okay; things like this do happen. Just remember it’s always better to budget over what you think you’ll need for your project, just in case.

5. Research Design Ideas Before You Start

Your options for a new patio are limited only by time and imagination. To find the best design for your home and lifestyle, check out new patio ideas online and in home and garden magazines.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Investment

We hope you’ve been inspired by this article about building a new patio. To protect your investment, consider having us install a protective coating on your patio’s surface.

We offer all-weather protection, multiple finishes, financing, and reasonable rates. If you have questions or would like to know more about our products, contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!