Is your garage a cluttered mess? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. 

It can be really easy to throw miscellaneous stuff in some corner of the garage. But before you know it, the space becomes an overwhelming mess that seems impossible to organize. But not to worry, it can be fixed! 

Keep reading to learn how to make some garage improvements with these simple organization tips. 

Clean Out the Clutter 

Before you can do any organization, you need to start by cleaning out things that don’t belong in the garage. To make life easier, sort everything into 4 categories: keep in the garage, put elsewhere in the house, throw away, and donate. And even though you might find some old, sentimental items, don’t waste space on stuff that’s broken or unusable.   

And after that’s all done, sweep up the floor so you have a clean slate to work with. 

Hooks and Shelving 

Wall storage is your friend because it gets the clutter off of the floor. You can take advantage of wall storage by installing hooks and open-faced shelving. 

Open shelving helps you access things quickly and makes the space look bigger. You can either mount shelves on the wall or simply put in a standing shelf unit. You can also add some versatile hooks to the wall, which can hold anything from watering cans to power tools.

And if you have smaller items, you can also get a pegboard! 

Bin Storage  

Once you have that shelving installed, you can fill them with plastic bins to safely store items.  

You’ll want to buy sizable, opaque or clear bins. With clear bins, you can see exactly what you have where, but it may not look as neat on the shelves. Opaque bins are great for making the area look neat, but you’ll have to label them so you know what’s inside. 

But no matter which kind you choose, all bins are a great way to store things like sports equipment, smaller tools, or cleaning supplies.  

Keep It Looking Nice 

Once your garage is organized, you want to keep it that way. Check-in once a month to make sure stuff isn’t piling up and chuck anything that doesn’t belong.  

Your garage floor will also be visible once everything is removed, so you might want to get a polyurea floor coating. Polyurea is stain, moisture, and UV light resistant, so your floor will stay immaculate just like the rest of your garage.

No point in having clean walls if the floor is dirty! 

Now Go Make Some Garage Improvements 

Garage organization doesn’t have to be overwhelming, in fact, it can be cheap and simple. And with these great garage improvements, your space will never have been cleaner or more functional. Now go grab a broom and get to work! 

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