Beginners Guide to Choosing Patio Furntiure 

Having a well-landscaped patio can increase the value of your home by about 12%. There are many ways that you can improve your landscaping; however, one major consideration of a beautiful outdoor patio setup is what type of outdoor patio furniture you have.

Do you want to learn more about how to choose furniture for patios? Keep reading these helpful tips!


One thing you need to do before you can choose outdoor patio furniture is set a patio furniture budget. Budgeting will determine how much money you can spend on your furniture and it will help you decide what materials you can afford and the quality of patio furniture that you can buy.

Setting a budget is a vital first step. Otherwise, you may fall in love with a piece of patio furniture that you simply cannot afford.


Next, you want to consider what type of space you have available. It is vital that you measure the space for furniture and the dimensions of your patio. This way, you can map out where you would like your furniture and where it would fit best.

If you have an oddly shaped patio, you may want to consider smaller pieces of furniture that are easy to fit, rather than a sectional or another type of lounge set.

You also need to think about how you want your outdoor patio to flow. This includes how traffic will move, where you will have other things, like a grill, and more. Even if you can fit larger pieces of furniture on your patio, it may make it difficult to move around.

By understanding how you want the space to flow, you can find furniture that works best for your patio.


Next, you want to consider your needs and the purpose of your outdoor space. Although aesthetics may be important to you, you should think about function and usage when you are buying furniture.

For example, what activities will you do on your patio? Are you using it as an outdoor dining area? Or, would you rather have a lounge area around a fire pit for when you entertain guests?

Maybe you only want a patio to get outside for some fresh air. Depending on what you are using your patio for, your furniture will differ. If you have an outdoor dining space, you may consider an umbrella table or a bistro table with chairs. If you have different needs for your patio, the features of your design will vary.

You also want to consider your comfort levels. If you are concerned about how comfortable your patio furniture is, you may want to go to a home improvement store where you can test out furniture before you buy it.


Similar to what your needs are, you want to consider the different types of patio furniture.

For example, you may prefer to have an outdoor table with chairs for casual entertainment and outdoor dining. You can get these seats and tables with umbrellas so they can be used during the heat of the day as well.

If you generally use your patio for evening entertainment or as seating around a fire pit, you might prefer to have a sectional or lounge set with comfortable cushions and pillows.

If you only use your patio to get outside and enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes during the day, you may want to get Adirondack chairs. These are great for relaxing and are generally less expensive than full outdoor patio sets.


There are many material options for outdoor furniture. Depending on the materials you choose, your outdoor furniture will have a different lifespan, maintenance requirements, and more.

For example, most people like outdoor patio furniture made from rattan and wicker. These provide a natural look to your patio and look great with any color of cushions.

If you are looking for a more durable option, you may consider getting a steel or wrought iron patio set. These are much sturdier, but may be a more expensive investment. You also need to maintain them properly to prevent rust.

Finally, if you want an inexpensive alternative, you can get aluminum or plastic outdoor furniture. These are less expensive and easy to maintain.

When you are buying patio furniture, you want to decide whether you want to buy high-quality furniture that is long-lasting but a bit more expensive, or if you would rather find low-cost furniture that won’t last as long, but is easily replaceable.

You also need to consider the weather where you live. For example, if you live in an area with high winds, you should not get aluminum or plastic furniture. These are so light and may be blown away in strong winds.

Another thing you need to consider with weather is how you weather-proof your cushions and furniture. Make sure you get outdoor fabrics that are able to get wet.


When you are working on patio improvement, you can make an outdoor sanctuary for your home by adding outdoor patio furniture. Not only will it provide a great place to relax, but you will also be able to add value to your home!

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