Young Ranch Neighbors Are Your Ready for a ONE DAY Garage Floor Makeover?


4 Hours After Installation you can walk on it!!
24 Hours after Installation you can drive on it!!


COLOR :  Wombat (Garage)

Epoxy Alternative that is 20 times stronger

AREA OF TOWN:  Young Ranch Development 

PART OF HOME:  2 Car Garage Floor


Garage Force of Katy offers an epoxy alternative,  Polyurea Concrete Coating that blows epoxy’s strength out of the water, polyurea floor coatings offer a whole host of other benefits to Katy Area Homeowners:


    • Our garage floor coatings are resistant to damage from ultraviolet light. In contrast, epoxy coatings will yellow and fade after consistent exposure to sunlight.
    • With our garage floor coatings, a second layer is applied that resists moisture from getting into your concrete and causing damage.
    • Polyurea cures at an extremely fast rate, leaving less time for bubbles to form when the material hardens (a problem extremely common to epoxy coatings).
    • Our coatings provide a great-looking finish that also resists stains. In general, the material is also resistant to scrapes, extreme temperatures, and many forms of chemical corrosion.

“Excellent job by Garage Force of Katy coating my two car garage. Quality work and professional service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their garage floor coated!”

Matthew Moss

Young Ranch Neighbor, Happy Garage Force Customer