Top 5 Katy Garage Makeovers from 2021

Garage Force of Katy offers an epoxy alternative,  Polyurea Concrete Coating that blows epoxy’s strength out of the water, polyurea floor coatings offer a whole host of other benefits to Katy Area Homeowners:


    • Our garage floor coatings are resistant to damage from ultraviolet light. In contrast, epoxy coatings will yellow and fade after consistent exposure to sunlight.
    • With our garage floor coatings, a second layer is applied that resists moisture from getting into your concrete and causing damage.
    • Polyurea cures at an extremely fast rate, leaving less time for bubbles to form when the material hardens (a problem extremely common to epoxy coatings).
    • Our coatings provide a great-looking finish that also resists stains. In general, the material is also resistant to scrapes, extreme temperatures, and many forms of chemical corrosion.