Katy Homeowners does your house feel too small, cramped, and cluttered?  Are you dying to get away and have a quiet space? If so, there’s one room in the house you might be able to redesign to solve your problems… the garage.

With a few tweaks or additions, you can create more storage space for bins, boxes, or large bulky items. You can add a work area even when you don’t have extra floor space. You can even convert your garage into a home office or brand-new rec room.

Read on to learn five ingenious ways to use your garage space.

1. Use Ceiling Storage

Looking for extra storage? If your garage has rafters, use them. Slide pieces of lumber on top of the rafters to get them off of the floor, or lay sheets of plywood over the top of the rafters to make a platform for storing boxes.

If you don’t have rafters, add ceiling racks to hold bins or seasonal equipment such as Christmas decorations. You can also install hooks for hanging bicycles or other large items. 

2. Add Rolling Shelves

Ever wish you could cram more shelf space into a single area? You can if you use shelves or cabinets.

These shelving units, like bookcases on wheels, can be pushed close together against the wall. When you need something, roll out the shelving unit so that you can access the shelves. Make sure to label each unit, since you can’t see the contents when the units are pushed together. 

3. Install a Folding Workbench

Is your garage too small to hold both a car and a workbench? Try installing a workbench that folds against the wall. 

Stack small bins underneath to hold your tools, and fold up the workbench when you need to bring the car in.

4. Convert the Garage to Living Space

If you need extra room in your house, convert the garage into something more useful. A garage can become a rec room, a home office, or even another bedroom.

If you have a concrete slab floor, cover the floor with a coating system to seal it against moisture and add some color. 

You can also install carpeting or a floating wood floor right over the concrete. Add a ductless heat pump, install radiant water pipe heating under your new floor, or buy garage space heaters to make your new space warm and cozy.

5. Subdivide the Garage

If you need more living space, but you don’t want to lose the garage, try subdividing it. For instance, you can create a mudroom by walling off part of the garage and adding an exterior door, a bench, and some coat hooks.

Just make sure that the rest of the garage is still big enough for a parked ca

do Your Garage Space

Whether you need more room for storage, a better work area, or a home office, you can use your garage space. When you’re ready to start with the garage floor, contact us.

Our team can cover your garage floor with durable, beautiful systems that will prepare your garage for whatever step you take next!